How to Plan a Wedding as a Virgo, According to Astrologers

If you were born under this Earth sign, these ideas are for you.

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If you were born within the time frame of August 23 to September 22, congratulations, you’re a Virgo! Known for being dependable, precise, hard-working, and grounded, but often critical and over-analytical, Virgos are Earth signs who have the ability to get things done in the most efficient and meticulous way possible. So, as you could imagine, Virgos are typically the best wedding planners in the entire zodiac, “as they are ruled by Mercury and can not only comprehend the overall vision, but also all of the nitty-gritty pieces,” notes Kyle Thomas, a celebrity and pop culture astrologer. 

“Virgos, as an Earth sign, do favor being grounded and practical above all,” Thomas further shares. “In fact, they’re likely to have everything drawn up with spreadsheets, cost analyses, guest lists, and more as soon as the couple has agreed to become engaged! Virgos will also be extremely focused on getting a bargain for their cash, as they are often the least frivolous zodiac sign of all.”

Meet the Expert

  • Kyle Thomas is a celebrity astrologer and the founder of Kyle Thomas Astrology.
  • Julia Topaz is a professional astrologer and the founder of Look Up the Stars Astrology.
  • Lisa Stardust is a professional astrologer and the the bestselling author of Saturn Return Survival Guide: Navigating This Cosmic Rite of Passage and The Astrology Deck: Your Guide to the Meanings and Myths of the Cosmos.

If you’re wondering how being a Virgo factors into the more specific parts of the planning process, like venue and fashion selections, we asked Thomas, in addition to astrologers Julia Topaz and Lisa Stardust, to help break down everything you need to know when planning an epic wedding as a Virgo. Read on for the best tips to follow in order to host a grounded and detailed-oriented celebration. 

Wedding Planning 

A Virgo’s keen attention to detail and perfectionist sensibilities allows them to be the ultimate wedding planner, especially for their own nuptials. After all, planning a wedding takes hard work, dedication, and, some might say, perfection—three characteristics Virgos innately personify. “A Virgo woman would plan every detail of her wedding and choose a refined, elegant venue,” shares astrologer Julia Topaz, founder of Look Up the Stars Astrology. What’s more, since Virgos are also known to be extremely loyal in their friendship, Thomas notes that “some of them may even consider hiring their friends who have wedding-adjacent businesses or catering just to make sure that everyone is feeling involved.”

Nonetheless, there are always two sides to every story, and even with all the positive traits associated with an engaged Virgo, there are some qualities that are less than favorable when planning such an important day. For starters, Topaz highlights that Virgo brides might “be quite anxious about the preparations and put a lot of energy into perfecting every little detail.” In turn, this could lead to them overanalyzing every small detail, which can ultimately become counterproductive to the entire process. The solution is simple, however, as Virgos just need to relax and go with the flow whenever they feel too stressed. “It may be important for them to not be hypercritical or too focused on being a perfectionist,” adds Thomas. 

Wedding Season

While wedding season generally falls between late spring through early fall, Virgos don’t need to focus on this standard timeline for nuptials when planning their big day. Instead, they should follow the stars and concentrate on peak periods of astrology that serve as a favorable time frame for their celebrations. 

Specifically, Thomas notes that “Virgo season (August 23 to September 22), Capricorn season (December 22 to January 19), Pisces season (February 19 to  March 20), or near a full moon in Capricorn, which takes place each year between June 21 to July 22,” are the best dates for a Virgo to tie the knot. Why? It’s during these seasons when certain planetary placements favorably align with a Virgo’s natal chart, resulting in more happiness, ease, and love, everything you need to host a successful wedding. 

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Wedding Venue

“Virgos will choose a venue that feels cozy and safe,” says Thomas. “They are less likely to go over the top on the venue and would likely focus more on the ‘experience’ of the wedding, such as food and offerings.” Meaning, a wedding is less about the theatrics for Virgos and more about the overall vibe of the celebration. That’s why an elegant, tented outdoor affair featuring a five-course dinner, or a three-day, music-filled wedding weekend, full of interactive activities for family and friends, are just two types of celebrations that would appeal to Virgos the most. 

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Wedding Décor

Colors often associated with Virgos are tan and warm yellow. As it relates to a wedding color palette, then, neutrals or earthy jewel tones are a great choice for this sign to consider. Lisa Stardust, a New York City-based astrologer, also highlights that “a jewel-tone wedding color palette is the perfect color palette since this sign appreciates crystal wedding decorations.” That said, regardless if Virgos are hosting a lavish black-tie affair or a laid-back seaside wedding, their perfectionism will require every décor element to be done exactly to their liking, with no visible errors or flaws.

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Wedding Food and Drink

When it comes to food, Virgos will lean into their logical and observant side to ensure that everyone is well-fed and taken care of at their wedding. “She'll be very thoughtful about dinner choices and cater to everyone's diet,” says Topaz. Since a Virgo's wedding is more about curating an experience, being able to adhere to the needs of others through food choices is a packaged deal for this sign. As for drinks, Virgos will typically keep this refined, selecting a dependable signature cocktail for guests to enjoy. A favorite? The Martini. “Classic Martini is a clean and simple drink, like the straightforward zodiac sign,” says Stardust. 

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Wedding Cake

Whether you select an option that’s decadent, extravagant, elegant, or all of the above, cake is an important part of every wedding celebration, especially at the reception, but what’s a Virgo to decide for their own nuptials? The answer is “simple.” As Stardust puts it, “Virgo is practical and dependable in nature. A simple wedding cake should be chosen with details that focus on symmetry and clean lines.”

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Wedding Fashion

Continuing with the theme of simplicity, a Virgo’s grounded nature will push them to favor a more sleek look over sumptuous ensembles. “The Virgo bride will opt for modern classics, like a backless dress made from satin that has a simpler, sophisticated shape and sheer opera gloves to accessorize it,” shares Stardust. “The Virgo groom will go for a chic black tie tuxedo.” Further explaining a Virgo bride’s attire, Topaz also notes, “She would choose a simple, timeless dress that showcases her understated, sophisticated style. She's likely to pick a dress that has an organic, natural feel and soft fabric.”

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Honeymoon Destination

Given that Virgos are an Earth sign, outdoor and “earthy” honeymoon locations are usually a popular choice for this sign. “The natural landmark of Yellowstone Park is ideal for Virgo, who embraces a simplistic approach to art and beauty. They’ll embrace their earthy delights and bring delight to Virgos sensibilities, making this their dream glamping vacation,” shares Stardust. 


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