How to Plan a Wedding as a Libra, According to Astrologers

Learn the wedding details that are perfect for this Air sign.

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Born in the heart of autumn, Libra, a charming Air sign, values art, fairness, and beauty. Symbolized by a goddess holding scales, a Libra loves balance in all things, from interpersonal relationships to aesthetics. Libra is well known for their gregarious personality and their love of love. “As the zodiac sign that rules marriage and partnership, Libras are the most romantic of all,” says celebrity astrologer Kyle Thomas. “They hunger for romance and relationships.” Naturally, getting married is one of the biggest milestones in this sign’s life and Libra will want to curate a beautiful experience they will truly treasure.

“A Libra would focus on creating a beautiful, harmonious atmosphere for their wedding and select an elegant, romantic venue,” says astrologer Julia Topaz, founder of Look Up the Stars Astrology. Since a Libra is a social butterfly that cares deeply about the moods of those around them, they will put guest experience to the forefront. “They will organize the wedding by taking into consideration how convenient and pleasing it will be to all of her guests. She'll put a lot of focus on aesthetics and having a little bit of everything for everyone.”

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  • Kyle Thomas is a celebrity astrologer and the founder of Kyle Thomas Astrology.
  • Julia Topaz is a professional astrologer and the founder of Look Up the Stars Astrology.
  • Lisa Stardust is a professional astrologer and the the bestselling author of Saturn Return Survival Guide: Navigating This Cosmic Rite of Passage and The Astrology Deck: Your Guide to the Meanings and Myths of the Cosmos.

Want to learn more about how Libra approaches their wedding planning journey? Ahead, we chat with astrologers to find out all the details the Air sign would love for their big day. From style to Champagne to the perfect honeymoon destination, these tips will help Libra create the celebration that is written in their stars.

Wedding Planning 

Wedding planning is an exciting time for Libras, who will dive right into curating their dream nuptial aesthetic. “While they do tend to let their partner take the lead, since weddings and union are so important to them, they’ll seek to come to the drawing board with copious amounts of ideas that they’ve likely brainstormed since they were a child,” shares Thomas. “As an Air sign, Libras like to negotiate and make sure everyone is on the same page.”

Design and décor will definitely be a priority as a Libra plans their day. “As they are ruled by Venus, they hunger to be surrounded by beauty and art,” continues Thomas. “This often reveals that Libras will have some of the most visually stunning and elegant weddings of all. The only problem they may run into, though, is being indecisive about what to order!”

Wedding Season

As a sign that is symbolized by balance, it’s no surprise that a Libra would be open to tying the knot in every season of the year. However, certain dates are best for a Libra if they want to be more attuned to romance and marriage, shares Thomas. These dates take place during Aquarius season, which falls from January 20 to February 18, Aries season, from March 21 to April 19, and, of course, during Libra season, or from September 23 to October 22. The astrologer adds that Libra would also be open to a summer wedding near a full moon in Aquarius, which takes place each year between July 23 to August 22.

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Wedding Venue

You can trust that a Libra will put some thought into picking the most stunning location possible to say “I do.” “Libras are connoisseurs of beauty, so a venue that feels immaculate and elegant will be the utmost concern for them,” explains Thomas. “They demand to be surrounded by beauty and harmony at all times. Venues with sensual, romantic lighting and peaceful music will likely draw them in.” Garden weddings, historical properties, and beautifully constructed tents could easily fit the bill for a Libra’s desired aesthetic.

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Wedding Décor

Always chic and attuned to art and aesthetics, a Libra will put plenty of emphasis on creating a beautifully designed space for their wedding day. The sign will invest the most of their wedding budget into items like florals and rentals that reflect their curated tastes. They also will want to find balance within the aesthetic and make sure everything is tasteful and not too loud. Libra may avoid busy hues and keep the décor classic. “A black and white color palette speaks to their desire for finer things, including a formal dress code,” says astrologer Lisa Stardust.

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Wedding Food and Drink

Libra’s high-brow tastes will definitely translate to their wedding menu. The balanced sign will serve an elevated menu of bites at cocktail hour with an emphasis on a gourmet reception meal. As for cocktails, Libra won’t choose the lowest bar package for their bar. “Libra would prefer top shelf champagne all the way for the decadent sign,” says Stardust.

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Wedding Cake

Since Libras absolutely love all things beautiful, they will make the look of their wedding cake a priority when deciding upon their confection. A delicious filling is paramount but the aesthetic will come first. “Libra is all about balance, like their symbolic zodiac sign, the scale,” notes Stardust. “A wedding cake that uses simple design with added texture is a key to a Libra's happiness.” A white multi-tier cake with ruffles and a few florals would best suit their style.

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Wedding Fashion

Libras might take some time to find their wedding day look, as they will want to make sure it strikes the perfect balance. Stardust says the sign will want an outfit that makes them “feel as though their fairy-tale romance and happily ever after ending is finally here.” For the aesthetic of their look, this formalwear loving sign “would choose a stylish, refined dress that complements her balanced, charming personality,” says Topaz. “She's likely to choose something trendy and a dress that is right in between traditional and sexy.” For grooms, “expect luxe tux and tails in gray with a pink bow to accompany it,” notes Stardust.

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Honeymoon Destination

Want to choose a honeymoon destination that will play perfectly to all of Libra’s senses? Book a trip to enjoy the sites and tastes of Italy. “Historic architecture and beautiful wineries surround Tuscany, making this the optimal place for Libra to indulge their Venusian tastes,” says Stardust. “Sipping wine in the countryside will allow Libra to maintain their equilibrium, helping them to find balance between work and personal life.”


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