How to Plan a Wedding as a Capricorn, According to Astrologers

We rounded up celebratory ideas that are perfect for the Sea-Goat.

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Weddings are a major milestone in a Capricorn’s life, and it’s easy to understand why: Those that fall under the astrological sign put a high value on family and see marriage as a serious lifetime commitment. Deciding upon a life partner is something that Capricorns do not take lightly, so after they decide to pop the question or accept a proposal, they will go all in on wedding planning to begin building a new life with their spouse-to-be.

Known for being hardworking traditionalists, a Sea-Goat—the symbol for the Zodiac sign—must have a wedding that is up to their exacting standards. “Meticulous and calculating, Capricorns are very focused on having a ‘winning’ wedding,” shares celebrity astrologer Kyle Thomas. “In fact, they’ll focus on how their wedding—and relationship—are a part of their legacy. This is why they’ll likely seek to have a memorable ceremony, particularly jaw-dropping for the photos and guests!”

Meet the Expert

  • Kyle Thomas is a celebrity astrologer and the founder of Kyle Thomas Astrology.
  • Julia Topaz is a professional astrologer and the founder of Look Up the Stars Astrology.
  • Lisa Stardust is a professional astrologer and the the bestselling author of Saturn Return Survival Guide: Navigating This Cosmic Rite of Passage and The Astrology Deck: Your Guide to the Meanings and Myths of the Cosmos.

While the Earth sign has tastes that lean towards form over function, that won’t stop them from having a beautiful wedding. Guests at a Capricorn’s nuptials can expect a timeless celebration focused on tradition with elegant details. Sea-Goats are hard workers and will likely allocate a healthy wedding budget that reflects their success. While a Capricorn is the most responsible and business-minded sign of the Zodiac, they also can let loose and will join in the party as the evening progresses.

Want to know everything about how a Capricorn plans a wedding? We chatted with astrologers to share what fashion, food, and design details will get a Sea-Goat excited for their nuptials. If you’re a Capricorn planning your wedding day, here’s what’s written in the stars for your celebration.

Wedding Planning

When it comes to organizing all the details for his or her big day, a hardworking Capricorn will be a great project manager. “A Capricorn would take a practical, traditional approach to wedding planning and select a classic, formal venue,” says Julia Topaz, founder of Look Up the Stars Astrology. “They are likely to take into consideration the opinion of their family and respect ancestral traditions.” Thomas adds, “There will likely be either a speech or montage honoring the past.”

When it comes to choosing the details and working with vendors, a Capricorn’s strong business sense will come through. “The best part about their strategic personality is they likely will have driven a hard bargain negotiating all business for the wedding,” explains Thomas. “They’ll make it clear that they can take their money and business elsewhere if their vendors aren’t willing to throw in some extra special touches.”

Wedding Season

A Capricorn has a few key date ranges that are best suited for romance and marriage. According to Thomas, the Sea-Goat would like to tie the knot in every season during a particular set of dates. For a winter wedding, celebrate near your birthday and book a venue during Capricorn season, which falls from December 22 to January 19. If you’ve always dreamed of a spring wedding, it would be best to consider Taurus season, or any date between April 20 and May 20. Cancer season, or June 21 until July 22, is an ideal date range to think about if a summer celebration is more your speed. A Capricorn could also get married in the fall near a full moon in Taurus, which occurs each year between October 23 and November 21.

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Wedding Venue

You likely won’t find a Capricorn booking their wedding at a brand-new venue space. “When it comes to the aesthetics that Capricorns tend to enjoy most, they are often drawn to places that have history and heritage to them,” says Thomas. “This helps them to feel like they are building their own legacy there, as well. They may find themselves drawn to places with gorgeous stone, architecture, and structure.” Old cathedrals, chateaus, and other beautiful buildings with history will draw in the Sea-Goat.

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Wedding Décor

As the most traditional of the Earth signs, a timeless wedding with elegant and rich hues would call to a Capricorn. “A wedding [color] palette of mossy green and gray will stand the test of time for this classic and conventional personality,” says astrologer Lisa Stardust. Integrate these colors into linens, and be sure to include plenty of greenery in the tablescape designs. You also can’t go wrong with a classic black-and-white color scheme for an elegant affair.

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Wedding Food and Drink

A formal seated dinner will call to Capricorns in the midst of wedding planning. They would lean towards a classic multi-course meal with an emphasis on full-service catering, likely shying away from a buffet. You can expect the sign to offer guests a classic choice of steak or fish, but they will ultimately make sure every dish on their menu is of the best possible quality. As for their signature cocktails, the Sea-Goat likely would serve up a traditional sip, like a Manhattan, says Stardust.

Seven-Tiered White Wedding Cake with Fresh White Floral Details

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Wedding Cake

A Capricorn will definitely follow tradition and serve a beautiful multi-tiered wedding cake for dessert. As for the sweet’s style? “Capricorn is classy, but grounded and thoughtful,” shares Stardust. “A wedding cake that's traditional with floral details will appeal to this sign's senses.”

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Wedding Fashion

When it comes to dress code, the experts agree a Capricorn would favor more formal attire. It’s likely that the Sea-Goat will ask guests to arrive in black-tie attire for the celebration, preferring guests to be clad in tuxedos and long gowns rather than slacks and mini dresses. As for a Capricorn’s own attire, something equally formal would fit the bill. “The Sea-Goat favors more traditional looks, which is why they’ll lean towards wearing a conservative tux,” says Stardust. Topaz adds that a Capricorn bride will likely “choose an elegant, timeless dress that reflects her dependable, responsible personality.” The sign may be drawn to flowing long sleeves, conservative necklines, and luxurious detailing in lace and beading to reflect the hard work of their  Royal style icons like Grace Kelly or Kate Middleton will definitely be found on this sign’s mood board.

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Honeymoon Destination

After the wedding comes to a close, a Capricorn will want to do plenty of sightseeing with their new spouse. One destination they might have on their bucket list is London, England. “Conservative Capricorn will fit right into the flair of the local markets, polo events, and art museums—not to mention the oldest pubs are located here,” explains Stardust. “London will bring much merriment to the traditional Sea-Goat.”


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