How to Plan a Wedding as an Aries, According to Astrologers

These are the wedding details that are perfect for the Ram.

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As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is a natural leader. The optimistic, confident, and motivated sign is known for its high energy and drive to reach the top. When it comes to love, the Fire sign doesn’t turn down the passion, and when they find their match, an Aries will definitely bring the same energy they carry through life into their partnership. Known for their symbol of the Ram, Aries approach their relationships with excitement and loyalty. When an Aries meets someone they want to go on adventures and nest at home with, they will be ready to tie the knot.

“When it comes to a zodiac sign that likes to take the lead, that is Aries,” shares astrologer Kyle Thomas. “Aries are ruled by Mars and are the first zodiac sign on the wheel. This makes them courageous and passionate when planning something they are excited about.” The Ram will be excited to plan a grand proposal. However, the impulsive sign may also do so quickly. “Depending on how they are in the heat of the moment and the vision in their head, they’re prone to quicker engagements and shotgun weddings than other zodiac signs,” says Thomas. “This is due to their feisty and impulsive nature, as they are unafraid to jump head first into new adventures.”

Meet the Expert

  • Kyle Thomas is a celebrity astrologer and the founder of Kyle Thomas Astrology.
  • Julia Topaz is a professional astrologer and the founder of Look Up the Stars Astrology.
  • Lisa Stardust is a professional astrologer and the the bestselling author of Saturn Return Survival Guide: Navigating This Cosmic Rite of Passage and The Astrology Deck: Your Guide to the Meanings and Myths of the Cosmos.

Once a wedding is on the horizon, Aries will get down to business to plan a beautiful, fun, and of-the-moment celebration. How will the Fire sign act when planning a wedding and what designs will get them excited? Ahead, we chat with astrologers to break down the key elements of an Aries wedding. With these in mind, the Ram can be able to curate the nuptial celebration that is written in their stars.

Wedding Planning

Aries is a known leader of the zodiac, and that’s exactly how they approach the wedding-planning process. “An Aries would likely take charge of wedding planning,” says astrologer Julia Topaz of Look Up the Stars Astrology. “If they do hire a wedding planner, they’ll be the boss and everyone knows it! Aries calls the shots and has a clear idea of what they want.” Aries is prone to having a quick temper, so they will need to learn to keep their cool as any problems arise. As for the style of the wedding, the confident and extroverted sign will want their wedding to match their high energy. The party will be a priority and you can expect a Ram to throw in some special touches for a show stopping event. Topaz adds, “The rhythm will be upbeat and maybe some activity with fire will be on the program.”

Wedding Season

An Aries can tie the knot in any season, but there are a few key dates where their signs are better suited for romance and marriage. Thomas shares these dates include Aries season, which takes place from March 21 until April 19, Leo season, which ranges from July 23 to August 22, and Libra season, which spans from September 23 to October 22. The Fire sign may also like getting married when the full moon is in Leo, which occurs between January 20 and February 18.

Wedding Reception Venue with Textured Ceiling and Round Tables

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Wedding Venue

An Aries wants his or her wedding to be a grand event, so they will likely choose venues that “feel vibrant, festive, and exciting,” says Thomas. This could be at a destination across the globe, a boldly designed tent, or a historic location with unique architecture. To enhance their venue and take the ambiance to the next level, Thomas notes, they’ll be particularly attracted to a space that has or allows for mood lighting.

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Wedding Décor

A confident Ram will not shy away from color at their wedding. “A playful combination of lilac and pink palette with just a dash of crimson red, should show off their upbeat personality [would be best],” shares astrologer Lisa Stardust. You can also expect the sign to choose bold installations of dramatic florals and trendy designs that make a statement. To end the evening, an Aries will want the sky to light up with a fireworks display or a sparkler sendoff.

Espresso Martini Signature Wedding Cocktail with Couple's Monogram

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Wedding Food and Drink

Aries loves to live life to the fullest and will want their guests to enjoy the party with them all night long, so they likely will make sure their cocktail menu can help with that goal. “An espresso martini is a great cocktail to match the Ram’s high velocity energy,” suggests Stardust. As for the reception menu, the cardinal sign will keep things classic with a “roasted chicken with vegetables entrée,” she shares. And you can bet Aries will also make sure guests enjoy late-night bites, serving up comfort food classics like pizza, burgers, and fries.

Three-Tiered Semi-Naked Wedding Cake Covered in Bright Pink and Orange Peonies, Roses, and Ranunculus and Blue Thistle

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Wedding Cake

“Being the first sign of the zodiac, Aries loves to lead the way and be a trendsetter,” says Stardust. With this in mind, a Ram will likely work with a baker to create a design that is showstopping, infusing color, florals, and maybe even texture to the confection. The Fire sign also loves bold flavors, so they might serve up a cake with unexpected filling choices like Mexican chocolate or cardamon.

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Wedding Fashion

A Ram will definitely want all eyes on them as they walk down the aisle and will make sure their fashion choices keep them in the limelight. “Aries would choose a modern, chic dress that reflects her confident, bold personality,” says Stardust. The astrologer notes this look could be unconventional and also quite sexy. However, Topaz notes that, “Aries go for comfort when it comes to dressing up. As one of the sportier zodiac signs, Aries [may] opt for a simple jumpsuit instead of a traditional dress and a suit without a tie in a bright colored fun print to embrace their passionate vibes.”

Bride and Groom Hiking

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Honeymoon Destination

After the celebrations are over, Aries will be ready to go on their first big adventure as a married couple with their new spouse. “The Rocky Mountains are an ideal vacation spot for hot-blooded Aries. After all, the red rock and dry weather speak to the Martian energy Aries possesses,” explains Stardust. “Hiking through the canyon at sunrise, and camping under the Milky Way will give the Ram much joy, as fiery Aries love excitement.”


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