How to Plan a Discocore Wedding

If you're looking to get up and boogie, here's how to host the most retro affair.

bride and groom under a disco ball

Photo by Chellise Michael Photography

A peak movement in the mid-70s to early-80s, the disco era can be seen as one of the most celebratory, inclusive, and joyful times in history. Even after this genre surpassed its prime, remnants of this time period can still be seen today, especially as it relates to music (hello, Beyonce's Renaissance), fashion, and, most importantly, the wedding scene. In recent years, the Discocore trend has become extremely popular for couples looking to host a vibrant and retro affair, whether for their reception, after-party, or any other wedding-related event. "Everyone smiles at the effect of a disco-theme embellished wedding décor! There is just something joyful and happy about the sparkle and the fun that a disco theme implies," shares Cathy O'Connell, managing partner and co-founder of COJ Events. "Whether it's an over-the-top disco-themed after-party or disco-themed elements enhancing the ceremony and reception décor in elegant and creative ways, the sparkle and the glam are here to stay"

If you and your partner are interested in planning this type of celebration, you've come to the right place. To start, you should first focus on the key details you'd like to highlight, then decide whether or not you want to fully commit to the trend or just incorporate a few elements. "Couples should first decide how far they want to 'lean,'" advises O'Connell. "Do they want a big splash at the end of the night with a disco ball and tinsel after-party, or are elements of the theme interspersed throughout the event?" Understanding the specific direction you'd like to take will allow you to effortlessly put together a streamlined and cohesive disco-inspired vibe.

Once you've locked in your creative direction, your next step is to then choose a color palette. According to Alicia Smith, founder and lead planner of ILE Events, couples typically gravitate towards silver and bright hues, but that's not to say you can't implement other shades. "While we do a lot of blues, purples, and pinks with Discocore, disco elements have a lot of mirrored effects, and these can be enhanced by whatever the wedding color palette dictates," O'Connell shares. But that's not all! The planner also points out that disco hues can be enhanced by proper lighting, further noting, "Discocore elements work best with a play of lighting to bring out the sparkle and glam. Make sure you have a lighting budget to make your décor sparkle."

Lastly, don't forget to think about your fashion and music, as these elements served as major themes during the actual disco era. Research iconic celebrities, such as Gloria Gaynor, Donna Summer, and Chaka Khan, and lean into the styles they wore—ensembles with sequins, fringe, mini hemlines, and mirrored fabrics, and bold accessories like sky-high platforms and over-the-top jewels. As for music, you can look up historic clubs, like Studio 54, to draw inspiration for the type of tunes to play. Luckily, every musical genre features elements from the disco era, so finding classic and contemporary songs that fit the theme won't be too hard.

With all this in mind, however, both experts recommend blending this aesthetic with modern-day décor styles, as doing so will help ensure you don't plan a celebration that veers too literal. For example, mixing disco balls with florals and greenery is a great way to create a look that's trendy and contemporary. "Arrangements of disco balls and mylar balloons (especially really big ones) look great clustered over a dance floor with greenery and flowers interspersed," shares O'Connell. At the end of the day, though, this is your big day, so feel free to embrace whatever you love because, as O'Connell puts it, "There are no rules for creating the wedding of your dreams!"

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